Introduction to Robust Control


Register to join us for a webinar introducing robust control, from the team at Q-CTRL.

The webinar will dive into the topic of robust quantum control, providing an introduction to the practical hardware challenges facing quantum computing today and a discussion of how robust control can help address them.  The webinar will include a coding tutorial with BOULDER OPAL demonstrating how to improve the performance of a cloud quantum computer. 

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15 December 2020, 4pm EDT New York

1pm PDT Los Angeles, 9pm BST London

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You will learn:

  • How noise and instabilities limit the performance of state-of-the-art quantum computers - in the lab and the cloud.
  • What robust control is and how it allows today’s imperfect hardware to perform better.
  • How to use BOULDER OPAL to create robust control solutions that can be reliably deployed on quantum computers, including IBM Q through OpenPulse.
  • What improvements to quantum algorithm performance you can expect by using robust control.

You should attend if you are a:

  • Quantum software or algorithm developer who wants to understand what’s limiting the performance of their quantum algorithms and how to get around these issues.
  • PhD candidate or postdoc working on quantum technologies who wants to better understand what robust control is and how to deploy it in your research.
  • Quantum hardware engineer who wants to mitigate noise, drift, crosstalk, and performance inhomogeneities in their quantum hardware with robust control.


  • Introduction to robust control.
  • BOULDER OPAL coding tutorial.
  • The webinar will include a conversational Q&A between the presenters and will field audience questions.


Dr Michael Hush

Dr Michael Hush
Head of Quantum Science and Engineering at Q-CTRL

André Carvalho

Dr André Carvalho
Lead of Quantum Professional Services at Q-CTRL