Suppressing errors on real quantum computers


Register to join us for a webinar on designing and deploying controls: suppressing errors on real quantum computers, from the team at Q-CTRL.

This webinar will explore how quantum control can improve the performance of quantum computing hardware - in the lab or in the cloud. The presentation will introduce how to create error-robust quantum logic,and implement solutions on IBM Q hardware using the OpenPulse framework.  We will include a sneak peak at upcoming features from Q-CTRL on how to automatically calibrate and optimize hardware through new machine learning techniques.  Join us! 


session information

27 August 2020, 4pm EDT New York

1pm PDT Los Angeles, 9pm BST London



You will learn:

  • How to use OpenPulse on IBM Q to improve algorithmic success.
  • How to calibrate your controls and verify their implementation on real hardware.
  • How to use hardware to create control solutions that can be reliably deployed on real devices.
  • How machine learning techniques can be used to improve gate performance on a quantum computer.

You should attend if you are a:

  • Quantum software or algorithm developer who wants to understand how to integrate quantum control into their quantum algorithms and improve performance.
  • PhD candidate or postdoc working on quantum technologies who wants to better understand how to deploy quantum control on real devices.
  • Quantum hardware engineer who wants the best techniques to calibrate quantum controls and process measurement data, on real devices.


  • How to deploy and calibrate quantum controls using IBM Q and OpenPulse.
  • The webinar will include a conversational Q&A between Drs Michael Hush and Andre Carvalho.


Dr Michael Hush

Dr Michael Hush
Head of Quantum Science and Engineering at Q-CTRL

André Carvalho

Dr André Carvalho
Lead of Quantum Professional Services at Q-CTRL