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What is Q-CTRL?

From quantum computing to quantum sensing in defense, Q-CTRL deploys our world-leading expertise in quantum control engineering as intuitive software to help make quantum technology useful. Our unique software helps solve today’s biggest challenges for quantum technology in the NISQ era and beyond; noise and decoherence. Quickly build intuition for the impact of noise and errors in quantum computers with Q-CTRL, and deploy our expert solutions to stabilize real hardware.

For a limited time, get access to our core tools free for 30 days.

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Q-CTRL is great for…

Everyone looking to get the most out of today's quantum hardware can benefit from Q-CTRL.

  • Quantum hardware manufacturers and R&D teams
  • Researchers building advanced quantum sensors
  • Quantum computing service providers
  • New entrants to the field, students, and the quantum curious
  • Quantum algorithm developers and end users
  • Consultants and business-development teams
  • Conventional software developers
  • Quantum computing users from beginners to academics and industry experts
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Q-CTRL puts you in control of quantum technology


Build real intuition for how quantum computers work and how noise impacts today’s NISQ-era machines through interactive and engaging visualizations.

Versatile Quantum

Let quantum control do the hard work for you. Stabilize any quantum hardware at the lowest layers of the stack through quantum firmware, eliminating the need to modify your devices.

Intuitive Quantum
developer tools

Understand how algorithms will run on real NISQ-era quantum computing hardware. Incorporate error robustness into your algorithms using the same proven physics as in quantum firmware.

Python tools

Advanced users can directly integrate control software into hardware systems, providing meticulous control and automation of critical tasks.

numerical simulation

Understand hardware/control performance in realistic noise environments by characterizing the root cause of noise and errors.

Open source

Leverage our open source Python package to easily deploy proven, error-robust quantum control protocols.


We build products for everyone from students through to expert quantum hardware R&D teams.

Black Opal

Discover powerful quantum control techniques through an intuitive graphical interface and stunning visualizations.


Use our Python package to harness the power of Q- CTRL's tools in your own research workflows.

Open Controls

Contribute to the most comprehensive open-source library of quantum control solutions.


Improve algorithm performance and error-robustness on today's noisy quantum computers and the fault-tolerant architectures of the future.

Get started with Q-CTRL today

For a limited time, get access to our core tools free for 30 days.

Trusted By

Q-CTRL is trusted by the world’s leading quantum computing experts and leaders in information technology. We partner with quantum hardware builders, consultancies working with clients to be “quantum-ready”, and power quantum hardware for some of the world’s leading research and educational institutions.